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Alcohol should be consumed in moderation.

Alcohol – wine, beer and liquor – is the product of fermentation of a carbohydrate.

Most people think the outcome of drinking too much alcohol is that a person becomes drunk. However, there are serious health consequences including liver damage, heart disease and brain damage. These conditions are more likely to occur if you consume large amounts of alcoholic beverages without eating a balanced meal.

The theory of moderation, supported by research, indicates four ounces of red wine two or three times per week may actually decrease your risk of stroke or heart attack. At the other end of the spectrum, however, some studies have shown that as few as seven drinks per week for women and 14 drinks per week for men can have a negative effect on health.

Daily overindulgence of alcohol may lead to alcoholism as well as other serious medical problems. Also, there is a higher incidence of cancer of the throat and the esophagus in chronic alcohol abusers. Excess alcohol inhibits the body’s ability to absorb vitamins and in addition, promotes a muscle wasting process, particularly in older people.

Alcohol, especially beer, is very high in calories and if you are not careful in the amount of alcohol you consume, you may develop excess body fat. Therefore, drinking too much beer really does lead to the development of a ‘beer belly.’

Consuming large quantities of alcohol over a period of time also precipitates other important mental and physical health risks in addition to those addressed above. So be moderate in your alcohol consumption and enjoy good health.

If you choose to drink alcohol, it should be consumed in moderation.

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Question from Mary in Calgary about a hernia  ...
Q:  I have an umbilical hernia. Currently it is small, with fat pushing through the tear. I was told that recovery from the repair surgery is short. Is that correct?  My work involves a lot of travel.  I am worried about missing considerable time from work or being unable to travel if I get this repaired. Please advise – Thanks!

A: The Doctor says ... You have described a small umbilical hernia.  This type of abdominal defect can usually be repaired easily. The down time you experience should be relatively short.  Prior to surgery, ask your surgeon to clearly outline a recovery program. This should include an estimate of the amount of time off from work and/or travel.  Remember - hernias do not get smaller with time they only get larger. The larger the hernia, the more difficult it is to repair and the longer the recovery may be. See your personal physician to discuss prompt attention to this matter.​

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